Acorn Vision Services is pleased to invite you and your family to enroll in our total eyecare program through "Acorn Vision Services". The program includes complete eye exams at a reduced fee, as well as reduced prices on eyewear.

AVS are available at five Chester County Opticians in Pennsylvania and various locations across the nation. Eye examinations will be offered at all locations, as well as eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Cards will be issued to you and your family members identifying the program they are enrolled in, including a toll-free phone number where they may get information about services they are entitled to and the locations where they may get services. Programs may be altered to your needs, however, below you will find the coverage we feel is cost effective for most participants. Traditionally eyecare coverage has been expensive and the covered services are basic. In the Premier Acorn Vision Plan, your cost is minimal, while the services are excellent.

In addition to the initial services all subsequent services during the plan year are covered under the same discounts. The reduced cost of the eye examination alone is more that twice the cost of joining the program.

Eyecare is often a much sought after benefit, but like dental care it is expensive for your employer to provide. Acorn Vision gives you the opportunity to make sure your family is covered at a cost effective rate.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

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